Why the Blogference? Global in Nature, Local in Feel

As the blogference closes I’m thankful for:

1,324: Those who attended

575: Comments. Thanks for the amazing discussion!

11,200: the amount of pages that were viewed during the blogference. Thanks for your TIME!

18: the number of authors/video interviewees. Thank you for shaping the conference!

41: the number of countries in attendance. Truly a global conference.

  • http://brianvirtue.org/ Brian Virtue

    Thanks B for all your work on this! Talk to you soon man – gonna go celebrate the blogference by hitting 18 at Heartwell on Mon :)

    • http://www.brianbarela.typepad.com/ Brian Barela

      so many memories. wish i could bring that course (and you and kildoo) everywhere i went!

      your post was insightful, encouraging, and challenging.

  • http://equipping4eministry.wordpress.com/ Sus Schmitt

    Thanks, Brian, for your hard work. Wish I had been in town to participate more, but I will read the posts and comments after I return home.

    • Doug Leppard

      Agreed thanks Brian. It was fun and I looked forward to looking what was next in blogs and comments.

  • http://peekabooglimpses.blogspot.com Julie Hufstetler

    Thank you to the whole Barela crew! Enjoy a restful weekend. You all blessed my week immensely through this opportunity to serve.

    • http://www.brianbarela.typepad.com/ Brian Barela

      julie your post was viewed the most during this year’s blogference!

      if you read julie’s post but did not comment i encourage you to shoot her an email.

  • http://www.mattmccomas.com/ Matt McComas

    Great job Brian and all who contributed. I loved it. My mind is on overload at the moment!

    • http://www.brianbarela.typepad.com/ Brian Barela

      me too. really enjoyed your post! excited you are in the role that you are.

  • http://www.hearditonthestreet.com Rich Street

    Great job Brian!!! Time to take it to the next level. Is there any sort of evaluation planned??? (it isn’t CCC unless there is some sort of evaluation!). I have some thoughts for next year.

    • http://www.brianbarela.typepad.com/ Brian Barela

      i thought it went perfectly :)

      i’m working on the feedback form right now.

      but more important than feedback for me is trusting the Lord for the resources to take this to the next level.

  • http://synchopat.multiply.com Patrick Ng

    Thanx for organizing this Brian (and team)… you guys rock!

  • http://www.seabourn.org/ Keith Seabourn

    I agree with all these thank-yous Brian and the Barela crew who loaned husband and dad to us for these days. I ended the conference feeling about as tired but thoroughly envisioned as if I’d attended a live conference. I had MUCH MORE interaction than I would ever have had at a live conference. My cup runneth over…

  • http://bobfuhs.typepad.com Bob Fuhs

    Dittos to all that has been said. Wish I could have participated more, but glad for the bit I got in on. What a great way to get a conference feel without all the other trappings! May your tribe increase Mr. Barela!

  • http://www.brianbarela.typepad.com/ Brian Barela

    just enabled facebook comments on the blogference! yes!

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