Why Mom’s/Wives/Women in Ministry?

Because of their value in the kingdom. My wife has shared how often she gets encouraged when she reads another mom’s blog post, or a tweet that connects with how she is feeling.

I’m so excited that this year’s blogference has three women authors! I’m hoping their courage, insight, and faith will inspire you.

  • http://peekabooglimpses.blogspot.com Julie Hufstetler

    Coming off Easter, I was pondering yet again how often we see women used in God’s story. I’m praying many women are empowered toward rethinking their value, purpose, and worth to the Kingdom through the ministry God has them in.

    He’s made women for specific callings, what an adventure!

    • http://www.brianbarela.com Brian Barela

      Excited to learn how other women/wives/moms taken on this great call has given us!

    • Anonymous

      and half (theoretically) of the population is made up of women. so it makes sense if you’re going to talk about reaching the world that you use some of the same types to reach same types.

    • Mike Thacker



      empowered toward rethinking their value, purpose, and worth to the Kingdom

      is good advice for all of us. Understanding who we are and the contribution we are uniquely gifted to make will shape our motivations, who we surround ourselves with and how we spend our time.

      My wife has long since understood that she has the gift of encouragement and teaching. And although she is the busy mother of 4 home-schooled girls, she has found an outlet through the medium of blogging itself. She is able to share what God is teaching her with an ever increasing circle of like minded women.

      So, I’d like to add to your prayer the challenge of rethinking the prepositional phrase “in Ministry”. Its not always over there somewhere. Often, its the contribution your equipped to make right where you are.

      • http://peekabooglimpses.blogspot.com Julie Hufstetler

        I’m so glad you introduced me to your wife, through blogging. I’m going to read. I agree with your thoughts; I’m astonished how many Moms are in need of the hope of the gospel and are sitting at home, holding baby, staring at the computer. I pray your wife reaches many of them and continues to equip others!

  • http://www.forerunner.org.sg Patrick Ng

    I have the utmost respect for wives/moms in ministry! Cos I’m married to one! =]

    i really appreciate that Cru has a policy that values husband and wives serving in ministry together, both supported, no matter how much of actual in-the-frontline ministry Cru moms get.

    But it’s really possible, as my wife Jacqueline not only takes care of things big and small at home (our 2 kids, chores, teachign them etc), she has an active involvement in the medical professionals ministry here in Singapore – organising touchpoints for Christian doctors to support and encourage one anothe rin their field, and also lead a group of female doctors in Bible Study and mentoring them.

    i guess for some who thinks moms have no time to be actvely involved in field min, my experience with Jac tells me that: “(up to a certain limit) we MAKE TIME for what we have passion/appetite for”.

    Major KUDOS to you wives and moms in ministry! You are our heroes!

    • http://peekabooglimpses.blogspot.com Julie Hufstetler

      LOVE that your wife has found her passion in the medical professionals ministry to fuel her. It’s been my experience that when God allows a Mom or Wife to be used outside of the home, even for a short time, it can be powerful to her heart as she steps back in the home.

      You all be very blessed!

      • http://synchopat.multiply.com Patrick Ng

        thanx Julie. =]

  • Carly Higgins

    I am so excited by the ways that I see the Lord working through the women and wives on Chico State’s campus! The Campus Crusade staff women on our campus have invested their time in developing leaders, while they support their husbands in ministry.

    I am constantly learning better ways to be involved in ministry. Women have specific, important roles in ministry. I want to respect the men and women who lead me, while taking on the role of a leader. I am relying on the Holy Spirit to direct me and stretch me.

  • http://inkindle.wordpress.com/ Judy Douglass

    This topic, of course, is a passion of mine. I so desire to see all our women making their best contribution to the ministry at each season of their lives. But I also strongly believe that we WILL NOT see our mission if the half of our staff who are female are not engaged with their gifts. That’s one reason I love internet ministry–it can be done from home or anywhere, anytime and makes space for many different gifts!

  • http://www.thebarelafamily.com Aubrey

    Mike- thanks for introducing your wife via blog. I will definitely be checking in!

    Patrick- I agree with what you said about making time. I find that when I make time with a clear conscious of knowing I am not doing it at the expense of my family I am able to enjoy it that much better. Also, like Julie said I have seen God multiply my short time and (sometimes) tired efforts in great ways. What a blessing!

    Carly- Thanks girl so sweet!

  • http://www.steveandcathyhong.com Cathy Hong

    I’ve recently been very encouraged about the material that is out there on the wiki concerning staff moms, I’ve posted a few of the resources I’ve found on our epic wiki: http://wiki.uscm.org/display/EPIC/Epic+Staff+Moms

    I’ve also been so encouraged by the fact that some of our Epic women and Men came to Synergy this year. I’ve been reading the Lost Women of the Bible by Carolyn Custis James and her perspective on what it truly means to be an Ezer is so empowering as a staff mom. But not only that, is is empowering for any single woman, woman struggling with infertility, empty nester as well. I love that she defines our role outside of the expectations of North American Christian roles of a what a “Christian woman” is supposed to look like. We as staff women are certainly created for Such a Time as This! As a mom that engages in ministry about 10 hours a week as part of our Epic National Leadership Development Team, it’s been so empowering to find ways to encourage and empower other staff moms to serve in the different callings they have.

    Oh and as a new staff mom, lastly I want to share it meant SO MUCH to me that Judy Douglass took the time to have lunch with just us new staff moms and talk to us.

  • http://www.a-lemon-tree.com Jocelyn

    As a formerly very mission-minded and sometimes finding-my-identity-in-my-ministry CCC staff member, my conversion to mom just 5 months ago has been a rather rocky one. People keep asking me, “Don’t you just LOVE being a mom?” I always say, “I love Howard and being his mom. But being a mom is hard.” I find that I must continually cast vision to myself that God is willfully orchestrating of my life, that my character development is a worthy and missional priority of His, and that my best contribution to the kingdom is at home and to my family.

    Blogging for me (thus far with only pre-evangelistic intentions) has been something that God is convincing me to do because: it fits some of my personal gifts, it is flexible with my season of life, and so many people read it who I’d never be able to reach without it!

    • http://www.thebarelafamily.com Aubrey

      Good to meet you. Just checked out your blog and really enjoyed it!
      I started blogging for those very same reasons. I love to hear about other staff moms out there connecting with the world and sharing their life.

      Thanks for the words of encouragement about my character development is a worthy and missional priority of His. Great!

      • http://equipping4eministry.wordpress.com/ Sus Schmitt

        I would like to help any staff woman with a family blog to make their site evangelistic and/or pre-evangelistic. See my family site as an example: http://mikeandsusfamilynews.wordpress.com/

  • http://inkindle.wordpress.com/ Judy Douglass

    God is so creative and so able to multi-task. He accomplishes amazing things in us and through us via all the realities of our different seasons. His purposes are so much broader and yet very specific.

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