Why Lead Yourself?

Because your leader may not be leading you. Because only you can hear from the Lord AND take action steps immediately. Because there are a vast amount of peers, mentors, and followers that WILL benefit from you taking the initiative to pursue your own developmental path.

The authors this year have such an amazing blend of experience, wisdom, insight, faith, and leadership ability. Cannot wait to hear from them!

  • Josh Payne

    Definitely the topic that is most interesting to me right now. Been working on a personal development plan, facing some barriers, having some breakthroughs and really looking forward to how this conversation will contribute.

    • http://www.brianbarela.com Brian Barela

      brian virtue, ken cochrum, and keith seabourn have some great stuff written. hope it helps josh!

      • http://www.himynameisjaked.com jake demaray

        i’m pretty excited to see what these guys have. i’m in the same boat as josh with this being my first year on staff. i’m looking forward to what’s in store.

  • Anonymous

    i have much to learn in this area… and am eager to.

    can’t wait for all the responses coming in.

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