Why Get Better at Learning and Sharing?

The tools available for collaboration are free, easy to use, and continue to improve every day.

It’s simply good stewardship for us as ministry leaders to leverage collaborative tools to their fullest.

I cannot tell you how much I have learned from others using google docs, slideshare, facebook, twitter, google wave, and more.

I could not be more excited to read and discuss the content our authors share!

  • http://JaysonWhelpley.com Jayson Whelpley

    DropBox has been hugely useful for syncing team TNTMPD databases.

    • http://www.doublederivative.ca Russ Martin

      DropBox is awesome. My wife and are able to really effectively manage content creation for our donor updates because of DropBox. No more silly USB keys.

      Knowing my TntMPD database is safely backed up is a huge blessing of using DropBox.

      • Doug Leppard

        How is DropBox different or better than Live Mesh? I have been using Live Mesh for a year now and it allows me to share files (folders) between computers and friends. I looked at DropBox video it seems it does the same things.

        I agree no more USB transfering files especially those TNTMPD databases.

        I would love to hear why DropBox might be better choice than Live Mesh, I wwould be willing to change.

  • http://www.brianbarela.com Brian Barela

    i LOVE it personally and have used it sporadically in ministry.

    partly bc of its newness, it’s been hard for others to try something new (even though) it’s legit.

    Batchbook is what i use instead of TNTMPD to manage contacts. LOVE the cloud-based storage, integration w mailchimp, and it’s a lot more friendly to uploading social media info (fb profiles, blogs, etc). 9.99 a month/compared to Highrise which is 29 a month.

    • http://www.doublederivative.ca Russ Martin

      How do you sync Batchbook with your donor data from the organization?

      • http://www.brianbarela.com Brian Barela

        download data as excel sheet, upload data onto batchbook.

        i already have issues checking tnt bc i’m on a mac.

        couple other cool features:

        tasks can be turned into a google calendar feed.

        rss feed for each contact–nice for archiving.

        and the freedom of not having to manage a local database at all.

        • http://www.himynameisjaked.com jake demaray

          i’m hoping to make the switch from a windows comp to a mac here in the near future so that’s good info to know.

          • http://www.brianbarela.com Brian Barela

            i don’t think it’s as hard as people can sometimes make it out to be.

            also–it’s forced me to explore different options, which led me to batchbook.

  • http://mcreynoldsccc.blogspot.com Ryan McReynolds

    I completely agree. That’s the primary reason I’m such a fan of Google tools. They allow for free and easy collaboration.

    I need to try the shared TNT ministry dbase.

  • Jonathan

    At the bottom of the post is a blog post of Pastor Matt Jensen, the head pastor for Mars Hill Church U-district, located at the University of Washington. Pastor Matt goes through 7 ways to be missional in college. It is a great read: short and to the point. It hits all aspects that a missional Christian can and should do if he/she has the mindset of reaching the lost. Anyways, here is the website:


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