What Online Resources Accelerate Your Growth?

Recently God used online technology to challenge me into a new season of trusting him.

My decision to change leadership roles and move from a traditional college town to a regional city with over a hundred thousand students on multiple campuses was spurred on partly due to my consumption of a spiritual resource available online. In my case it was podcasts by Tim Keller that turned my heart toward the value of ministering in the city.

Today I have access to fantastic spiritual input like never before. Whether it’s a podcast from a nationally known pastor, a spiritual leadership blog, or just having the Bible on my phone, great content is waiting for me at the push of a button.

What this means for me:

Just like when I’m at my local all-you-can-eat buffet, I need discipline. I need to get better at filtering through the noise. The internet is fast and loud. I don’t need to listen to everything or read everything, but I need to discover the things that God has for me (in the season I’m in) as I seek to invest in my ongoing spiritual development.

What this means for Campus Crusade for Christ:

The sooner we realize that we can’t depend on the organization to meet all of our spiritual needs the healthier we’ll be and the less frustrated we’ll get. There is no excuse for us not to find input into our lives that challenges us at a heart level, pushes us toward Christ and helps us to walk by faith. It’s there waiting for us to invest the time.

If I’m still on staff in 10 years, I pray that God guards my heart from cynicism, from lack of belief in the power of God to transform lives and from a business-as-usual attitude. But good intentions don’t mean much right? If I don’t grow my faith, press into heart issues and pursue greater understanding of who the Lord is I’ll flame out quickly!

What online resource (blog, twitter, podcast, etc.) has challenged you to grow spiritually and lead from a spiritual base as you minister to those in your scope? Please be my filter and share the wealth!

Photo courtesy of Fred Dawson

  • http://www.brianbarela.com/ Brian Barela

    great thoughts matt! the surplus of good content available to us anywhere is almost too good to be true.

    podcasts have been my new favorite online tool–this summer i’ve had some consistent long drives in my schedule–rather than listening to music it’s been great to learn new things and be exposed to different ideas and thoughts via podcasts.

    • http://www.mattmccomas.com/ Matt McComas

      Interestingly Podcasts seem to be coming up more and more as the way our staff gain input from outside our organization. Might be a new medium that we should start thinking about using better to expand our influence. What about using them to coach leaders or hear direction setting from our executive team…possibilities!

      Here’s a quote from Jess on my blog when I asked what online tech has helped you grow. Great insight in her response.

      “Definitely podcasts. As a student involved with Cru on an unstaffed campus I was always looking for spiritual input as I was outputting a lot. During my final two years on campus I learned an insane amount and grew even more as I listened to Driscoll sermons & other podcasts from their womens ministry. Reading blogs like GirlTalk & Radical Womanhood were super helpful too. At the time, the weekly sermon at church & weekly meeting just wasn’t enough for how hungry I was to learn. I can’t imagine how I would have survived sans Internet resources!”

      • http://www.brianbarela.com/ Brian Barela

        dude after this i’m certainly integrating podcasts into the blogference.

        there barriers and rewards are similar to using an rss reader–it’s a steep learning curve to figure out and add content, but once you do it becomes easy, fun and motivating.

  • http://www.twitter.com/rossandtaya ross

    My Top 3 intakes have been:

    Tim Keller podcasts- http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/timothy-keller-podcast/id352660924
    I think I’ve listened to every one of his messages on itunes multiple times. I just realized that there are more messages available on the redeemer website. I love the way he puts the scripture out in front, & then has a thoughtful dialogue about it, always moving the topic to Jesus in the end.

    The Resurgence Blog- http://theresurgence.com/
    So much of their stuff is geared toward the church & church-planting, but I think it challenges me to be a better man & more dependent on God in ministry. Who knows? Maybe someday I’ll be part of a church-plant as well.

    The Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast- http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/andy-stanley-leadership-podcast/id290055666
    Although not the same as listening to a sermon, these podcasts will challenge you to be a godly leader & a good steward of the platform you’ve been given.

    • http://www.mattmccomas.com/ Matt McComas

      I haven’t checked out the Resurgence stuff yet. Will do.

      Keller and Stanley are epic leaders for sure.

  • http://equipping4eministry.wordpress.com/ Sus Schmitt

    I don’t have an iTunes account and don’t’ have time to sit at the computer and listen to a podcast (maybe I could listen and do housework.)I take walks and workout. That’s the best time for me to listen to something. I’m sure many women would be in a similar situation.

    Anyone know any good, free downloadable MP3s, especially for women? Statistically, though, women will listen to men’s material more than men would listen to women’s material, so Tim Keller et al would be great, too.

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