What Does Transferability Look Like in 2010?

What does transferability look like in 2010?

  • Charlotte, a campus director, was the first to run a campaign that was being deployed on multiple campuses across the country.  She shared her insights, best practices and learnings on a message board accessible to all staff .  Many other directors read her post and adjusted their strategies for greater effectiveness based on Charlotte’s feedback and experience.
  • Lauren, a student leader, wanted to help her friends learn to use a new tool to share their faith.  She used a webcam to film herself modelling it and then shared it to her friends with YouTube.
  • Ben, a conference director, is determined to make the job easier for his successor.  He creates this year’s documents for the conference in a shared folder in Google Docs so with one-click next year’s director has everything at his finger tips.

With a small change in their workflow, Charlotte, Lauren and Ben are all making the job of other kingdom builders very easy.

Today’s digital tools make sharing really easy.  The hard part is changing your mindset to work in a collaborative way.

Take a moment this week and contribute one of your best resources or insights so that we can all get better.

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