Resource Drive This Week! Video Promo

How much time could we save ministry leaders around the world if even 20 people shared resources that they have created with the RE-Think Blogference community?

This week we will be taking resource submissions on anything related to minsitry: bible studies, discipleship, evangelism, event planning, etc! Just email your resource in to the blogference gmail account, and I will upload, organize and share it on the site.

Here’s what you do:

  • Select one or many resources that you USE on a regular basis
  • Email them to in ANY FORMAT!!!
  • Or if it’s an online resource go ahead and leave the link in the comments.

Here’s what I will do:

  • Organize all the resources submitted
  • RE-share them here on the blogference in an easy to view and download manner.

I cannot stress what a great opportunity this is to save a ministry leader time doing something that has already been done and free them up to do something that is important but not urgent. Please take a minute to share at least one resource!

About the author:

Brian Barela is the Director of New Media for Campus Crusade for Christ. He is passionate about empowering ministry leaders for kingdom expansion. He recently posted on The Leader as a Platform on his blog.

  • Brian Barela

    here’s a resource site i made on my own blog to share the resources that i and friends of mine use often:

  • Drew

    The best resource, short of the Bible, that I’ve started to use in the last few months has been “Getting Things Done” by David Allen. I’ve realized that I can’t necessarily change how many tasks I undertake and I definitely can’t change how much time there is in a day, but I can change how well I collect, organize, and process work. Getting Things Done has been tremendous in organizing a sometimes chaotic and fluid schedule.

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  • Carly Higgins

    CruPress Green is amazing!

    We have used it so much this semester. It is such a great way to share CCC resources with students and plan Bible studies. I am thankful for it!

  • Brian Barela

    for those of you who have android phones, and want a cloud-based task manager that works on the web, desktop, phone, ipad, etc..

    it’s VERY easy to use and models the Getting Things Done program that Drew mentioned above.

    it’s free btw.

  • Brian Barela

    if you are working on a communication strategy using new media tools here’s a great link from a friend of mine:

    describes the purpose of a website, facebook, twitter, yammer and how they all work together.

  • Jerry Hertzler

    Using mobile phones to deliver discipleship material can be a very effective way for disciples to learn content at their convenience and then discuss it in person and focus on what was meaningful for their context.

    We are working on a project to use mobile phones to train pastors in Kenya and eventually across Africa and in other places where the Church is growing faster than seminaries can train leaders. (Where movements are happening.) It’s the mLearning Project.

    This resource (software for mobile phone along with training material) is not yet publicly available, but there are several other options out there for publishing your own. (iTunes U,, YouTube, etc.) Also, Third Millenium Ministries has published almost half the curriculum needed to acheive a Masters of Divinty. See It’s free.

    • Brian Barela

      awesome jerry! thanks so much for sharing this!

  • Brian Barela

    these links are from scott bartlett on ccc staff with student venture..

    Hey, with Student Venture we have a TON of resources on The most practical is …

    How to START a Student Venture ministry –

    This is a link to an online PDF of our START handbook –

    We have three different sites we use for evangelism with teenagers –,, and also

    A great site for answering apologetic questions is

    • Russ Martin

      Thanks Brian and Scott for sharing these links about student venture. Just last night a friend, who is a high school teacher, was over and he expressed a need for resources in reaching and equipping high school students.

      Thanks to your collaborative hearts, I could just email him a link to this post!

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