Permission to Innovate: Guest Post by Steve Douglass

As you know, innovation has been a hallmark for Campus Crusade from the very beginning. Bill Bright’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to begin on the college campus at UCLA. In the 1950s, few ministries or churches were focusing on students. It was a new and strategic idea.

Back in the 1960s there was no simple booklet that people could use as an “audio visual tool” to help them present the gospel personally. God used Bill Bright to distill what he was saying to students into what became the “Four Laws.” In the late 1970s there was no widely translated, very biblical, feature-length film on the life of Christ.

But thanks to the creativity and efforts of Paul Eshleman and others the Jesus Film was produced, translated into over 1000 languages and shown in every country in the world.

Some years back the US Campus Ministry published a book which catalogued 280 strategies and materials which were effective in reaching college students at that time. I think almost all of them were developed by people just like you – people who were discovering better ways to reach people by trying new things.

So, let me encourage you to keep innovating: try new tools, develop your own or alter the existing ones. You understand your audience better than anyone else. And I am guessing you have already seen some areas of your ministry where you could bring new thinking.

Consider Facebook and YouTube as you dream. Consider other new media platforms and technology. By all means seek to improve existing tools. I am praying for you during this blogference, and as you trust God for more and innovative ideas to reach the lost.

Steve Douglass leads Campus Crusade for Christ with a passion for ministry built over nearly 4 decades of service. Campus Crusade for Christ is a worldwide, interdenominational Christian evangelism and discipleship organization, founded by Bill and Vonette Bright in 1951.

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  • Matt McComas

    Thanks Steve!

    I love that at our core as an organization is innovation for the kingdom! Exciting stuff.

    • Brian Barela

      seriously! thanks steve for the encouragement!

  • MIheret

    Thanks Steve, this is encouraging!

  • Rich Street

    Thanks Steve. Love to hear and see the Top 3 examples of innovation from your perspective in the last 6 months or so. I think that would be encouraging for all to hear.

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