Facebook for MPD not Farmville

If Ministry Partner Development is relationship driven, then we have a great chance to leverage Facebook to foster deeper connections to our ministry partners.

Not earth shattering news, right? But I bet a lot of us haven’t taken the time to be intentional with Facebook yet. I would suggest that with 30 minutes of initial set-up and a few minutes a week you can help your MPD partners connect with you and your ministry better and in a more timely manner. Here’s how…

Start a new “list” of Ministry Partners.

  • Click on “friends” (left of your news-feed), then click the edit friends box. From there you can create a new “list” of Ministry Partners by adding current Facebook friends. Create your initial list and then go through your Ministry Partners and search for them on Facebook. If they are on Facebook assigned them to the new list as you friend request them. (30-60 minutes initially)

Look at your new Ministry Partners news-feed!

  • Now you can click on your new MPD “list” and in essence have a filtered news-feed of only ministry partners. If they update their status regularly you can see what’s going on in their world. This is huge advantage if you’re about to visit them or give them a call. In addition to this I like to take a few minutes a week and comment on people status’s or wall to let them know I care about them. (10 minutes a week)

Update your status with humility filled and appropriate status updates.

  • As I post updates on my profile, in the back of my mind I know about 70 of our supporters might see it. My status update might be about a major evangelistic event, or it might be about my daughters birthday party. Whatever it is, I ask the question, “does this help my supporter get to know me, and our ministry more?” Keep in mind, every status update doesn’t need to be about how hard your working. People want to get to know you, not just what you’re doing.

Facebook should NOT replace those MPD calls you need to make, and it’s not the new one-stop MPD shopping experience. What I’m saying is the Facebook has the ability to fuel your MPD relationships if you use it intentionally.

What about you? Are you using Facebook to foster MPD relationships? What’s working well?

  • Sam

    I like it! Thanks Matt.

    • http://www.mattmccomas.com/ Matt McComas

      Thanks Sam!

      • Ceil Wilson

        Great idea!I Just created my list.

  • http://www.brianbarela.com/ Brian Barela

    mark zuckerberg said hardly anyone uses lists–but they obviously made the feature bc it offered something valuable to people.

    i think making a list is crucial for utilizing fb for mpd–especially since many of us on staff have so many “friends”–our supporters often do not have as many friends and do not post as often. we may rarely see their updates in our feed for those reasons.

    • http://www.mattmccomas.com/ Matt McComas

      Totally agree. I don’t know what the average number of friends a staff person has on facebook…but it’s easy to miss key people.

  • http://inkindle.wordpress.com/ Judy Douglass

    Great, Brian! A very productive use of FB. I will do it. FB is a powerful ministry tool for me, and this will add to it.

  • http://inkindle.wordpress.com/ Judy Douglass

    Oops. Matt. Thanks.

    • http://mattmccomas.com Matt McComas

      No problem Judy! Glad I can help a little bit.

  • http://chersunovfamily.blogspot.com Daniel

    And another idea to create a secret group for all your Ministry parthners and invite there new ones and make update through this group . what do you think about?

    thank you for this idea with list of friends! very helpful!

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