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Women’s Resources:

The Significant Woman: “It is a CCC, bibilical, life-coaching course that I love!” –Brenda Brown, CCC Staff. This is an amazing coaching/discipleship resource. It is being used all over the world, translated into 4 languages so far, and growing. A field test copy of an evangelistic version should be ready in January. We are looking for testers!

Magdalena Today.comThis film that has been used so well around the world with oppressed, abused, marginalized women is now available in a shorter version designed for American audiences. It demonstrates powerfully the value Jesus placed on women–and women everywhere respond. There is a great follow-up Bible study. Submitted by Judy Douglass


Overflow Today: Free 3 to 5-minute podcasts on how to naturally “overflow” into your not-yet-Christian friends’ lives with the gospel.–Recommended by CCC staff at Univ of Irvine

The Supremacy of Christ and the Gospel in a Postmodern World Audio by Tim Keller Facebook Ads

Movement Building:

“These are the core material we use for movement building in Southeast Asia. The  Sample Yearly measurement,(Actually it’s filled out at the end of every semester) is what we use to measure success (and our moving toward success or not) for both staff based campuses and catalytic.”–Phillip Baron, Southeast Asia SLM Leader

What Makes a Movement by Tim Keller


“Want to help your disciples assess where they are on their journey toward becoming a Christ-centered lifetime laborer? Here’s a simple one-page tool that has been used on campuses in the US and overseas to keep students (and staff) focused on our mission. The “Making Disciples and Launching Movements” tool is part of the STINT briefing training and has been developed and refined over the last 20 years.”

Bible Studies


Sex Talk Fall 2010 Powerpoint Presentation Submitted by Tim Casteel

Fundraising Resources

Ministry Magnet PDF Download Submitted by Tim Casteel

Full Zip File for Powerpoint slides (that we used at the Dinner), Editable Adobe Illustrator files, A PDF of the magnet (without the bottom right stuff – our website, etc), And every “piece” of the magnet in separate files (paint splatter, picture, words, etc)Ministry Magnet PDF Download Submitted by Tim Casteel

Here’s the link to my blog where I described the magnet and told how to make high-quality magnets on the cheap: by Tim Casteel

Other great resources for campus ministers can be found on

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