RE-Think Podcast Episode 5–Jim Gray Talks Social Media and Water Part 3

Gifts of Water TEN launches on 10-10-10 (October 10, 2010).

Gifts of Water

In Part 3 Jim shares about Gifts of Water, an initiative of Water Ministries International.  Not only is the cause outstanding but their new media campaign serves as a great model for engagement.

You can join then or jump in at any time during the following 10 weeks.
• Goal: 100 communities get safe water – potentially up to 300,000 people!!
• Goal: 100 communities hear the Living Water message of God’s love for them.
• Goal: Deliver this good news to 100 communities by Christmas 2010.

Jim Gray is the Principal at Creative Fuel Studios. He is a true missional entrepreneur and has various projects, blogs, and twitter accounts going at the same time.

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