RE-Think Podcast Episode 4–Jim Gray Talks Social Media and Water Part 2

Jim Gray“Without some sort of strategy you are building a straw house.”

In Part 2 Jim and I discuss the advantages of thinking strategically about using new media. So often ministries dive in without thinking through their goals and context, and end up below average results.

Jim Gray is the Principal at Creative Fuel Studios. He is a true missional entrepreneur and has various projects, blogs, and twitter accounts going at the same time.

  • Chris Hiney

    Sweet discussion and dialogue about thinking strategically using social media. The most interesting part that I saw in this discussion was having a strategy before diving in.

    Having a clear strategy like ‘who we are, what do we want to do, what are we going to use,’ etc. seems super important.

    I have one question, we have different tools integrated with our ministry, Campus Crusade, like Facebook Fanpage, Twitter, and live-streaming our meetings but what are good strategies or even tools to be able to follow-up or capture the people listening or participating with your ministry through social media?

    • Brian Barela

      hey dude thanks for commenting.

      my goal last year in terms of capturing was getting people to join the facebook page.

      if they joined that, then i could assume that they would be aware of and exposed to the community on a regular basis.

      i remember asking a couple students watching if they joined the fan page during chat, and they said yes.

      i don’t know about twitter as a primary tool for a ministry, especially a college one. i do think facebook and live streaming are essential.

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