RE-Think Podcast Coming Soon!

podcastThe main goal of the RE-Think Blogference is to facilitate discussion on ministry philosophy to sharpen your ministry skills and connect you to other like-minded missional leaders.

We are launching a podcast to expand the amount of content and connections we can bring to your door via the internet!

There will be interviews from ministry leaders around the world but I would love to see a significant part invested in answering questions and discussing issues that you are currently facing in your leadership role.

Here are some thoughts related to the categories/topics we will cover:

  • Evangelism: best practices, new tools, response rates to various types of evangelistic initiatives, how to train others, etc.
  • Leadership Development: books, articles, blog posts, productivity tools, productivity practices, mentors, sharing power, empowering those “below” you, etc.
  • Mom’s, Wives, Women: balancing work and family, unique leadership challenges, helpful and encouraging books/articles/blog posts, etc
  • Sharing and Collaboration: online and offline tools, strategies, and tactics for creating an environment of sharing, etc

Please share your thoughts in the comments and on Twitter! Just reply to @cccblogference with your thoughts or leave a comment below!

  • Bob W

    Excited to listen to it! Podcasts are a great medium for getting content out there. After listening to a lot of podcasts, let me beg you: Keep them short. 4 15 minute shows are a world better than 1 60 minute show. Maybe I’m weird on this, but I listen to them while commuting, walking the dogs, doing dishes, etc, tasks which don’t usually take an hour.

    In terms of content, one thing I’d love to hear about it is best practices related to church partnerships.

    • Brian Barela

      definitely hear you on the length! was planning on 15 minute segments.

      great suggestion on church partnerships! will do!

  • Phillip Baron

    More than church partnerships, what about developing church movements on campus? My wife and i are doing it in Manila and it is entirely student led, but we also have 3 who have graduated and now leading the whole thing. Two of them are associate staff and at least 70% of the students are directly involved in CCC. It’s taken us 5 years to figure how to make it work, but it’s now taking off and multiplying. The key is we are not making CCC churches, but helping churches begin and help them grow and multiply independent of us as an organization. Our main objective is to develop students to be able to plant churches wherever they go after graduation, either with an existing church or create a new one. We don’t want to take them away from reaching their campus while a student, but give them additional handles to help them succeed after graduation. Another plus is that our church has a strong spiritual emphasis that complements our focus as a movement. Here is the blog for our church:

    • Brian Barela

      very cool! thanks for sharing!

  • Scott Santee

    We’ve been wrestling with two truths:

    1. most (93%) of Christians do not share their faith, so talking about “the latest new ministry tool” is like promoting vacuum cleaners to people who don’t value vacuuming.

    2. However, most Christian college students today are looking for *new ways to experience their faith with others.* They may not call it evangelism, or think they are sharing their faith, but I wonder if we can help package “experiences” so that these students, in turn, can host them with others. No “tool”, no “agenda”. Rather, such a great experience, it’ll be their idea to share it with others.

    We’d love thoughts on how to develop these experiences.


    • Brian Barela

      good thoughts scott. i like the phrase “great experience” because that is a powerful way of communicating the gospel.

      definitely a topic for a podcast! probably even a series!

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