Why Mom’s/Wives/Women in Ministry?


Because of their value in the kingdom. My wife has shared how often she gets encouraged when she reads another mom’s blog post, or a tweet that connects with how she is feeling.

I’m so excited that this year’s blogference has three women authors! I’m hoping their courage, insight, and faith will inspire you.

Why Get Better at Learning and Sharing?


The tools available for collaboration are free, easy to use, and continue to improve every day.

It’s simply good stewardship for us as ministry leaders to leverage collaborative tools to their fullest.

Why Evangelistic Engagement?


We’ve gotten away with shouting the Gospel for too long. The time has come to integrate engagement into our evangelistic conversations.

3 Reasons Why Your Comments Are Vital to the CCC Blogference


The Blogference starts in less than a week! This is the most diverse group of authors so far and I’m hoping that those commenting will be from many different backgrounds, ministries, and stages of life.

CCC Blogference! RE-Think April 13th-15th

welcome to the ccc blogference! the purpose is to connect and inspire ministry leaders who may be geographically and/or relationally distant for a time of discussion!

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