Using MailChimp to Beef up Your Ministry Communications

mailchimp logoWhile I love getting a physical piece of paper or an email with an attachment, I believe there are even more effective and impactful ways to help communicate your ministry today.

Unfortunately, many ministry partners don’t know or are not taking advantage of them.

This is a guest post from Steve Raquel, a Social Media Consultant and long-time financial supporter of Campus Crusade staff.
As one whose family has supported many people in ministry over the years, one of the highlights is receiving an update on how God is using them.

We love hearing about your struggles, your triumphs, your personal updates and how to pray.  It gives us a way to stay connected to you and feel like the monetary or prayer support we provide on a monthly basis is making an impact.

Notes from Using Video for Ministry Communications

video recorderBrendon Patubo, intern with EPIC, Campus Crusade for Christ’s ministry to Asian-American students shared vision, strategy, and tactics for using video for ministry communications in the latest podcast. Click here to listen.

Using Video for Ministry Communication–Episode 2

Videos provide an engaging and empowering alternative to using text to communicate with those in your ministry.

Brendon Patubo, Intern with Campus Crusade for Christ, Epic Ministry at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo shares his vision and strategy for using video to communicate.

Follow Brendon on Twitter:

What Happens After They’re Sent? Utilizing the Alumni of Your Movement

miami university footballHow much is your strategy influenced by feedback from your ministry partners and/or campus alumni?

When I started raising my initial MPD (financial support to fund my ministry), one of the first groups I namestormed through were fellow San Diego State alumni.  They helped give momentum to my MPD efforts because they were familiar with the vision and mission of CCC. Additionally, I wanted them to be a part of reaching the campus in more ways than solely being financial ministry partners, but couldn’t figure out how.  Until I read about “the U.”

RE-Think Podcast Episode 1–Are We Really Doing Evangelism the First Weeks on Campus?

podcastThe first episode of the RE-Think Blogference podcast has launched! We are still getting the podcast listed on iTunes but right now you can listen online by clicking on the link below.

Dan Birch, CCC staff at Arizona State University and I discussed some of the thoughts and questions posed during a great twitter conversation. To get a sample of the conversation click here (you will need to scroll through this Twitter list but it’s worth it!).

Are We Really Doing Evangelism the First Few Weeks?

A great conversation happened on Twitter regarding evangelism and the first few weeks of school. Here’s a sample of the conversation:

RE-Think Podcast Coming Soon!

podcastThe main goal of the RE-Think Blogference is to facilitate discussion on ministry philosophy to sharpen your ministry skills and connect you to other like-minded missional leaders.

We are launching a podcast to expand the amount of content and connections we can bring to your door via the internet!

Flat for Free–How New Media Can Drastically Change Our Organization

The Flying Steamroller--paulcarvillSocial Media has ALREADY made our organization flat! We do not need to wait for the structure to start interacting more intentionally with those above and below us.

There are four areas that are under construction, from Steve Douglass’ response to the Shaping our Future survey:

What Online Resources Accelerate Your Growth?

Recently God used online technology to challenge me into a new season of trusting him.

My decision to change leadership roles and move from a traditional college town to a regional city with over a hundred thousand students on multiple campuses was spurred on partly due to my consumption of a spiritual resource available online. In my case it was podcasts by Tim Keller that turned my heart toward the value of ministering in the city.

Will you go where the students are?

Student with mobile phoneWhat do nearly all the world’s 130 million college students have in common?

From the remote villages of Africa, to the stuffy eight-man dormitories in Asia, to Times Square in New York, to the historic Quadrangle at Sydney University, in the pocket of each student you’ll find a mobile phone.  Their fingers chattering away, their gestures quickly swiping instructions and their voices uttering robotic, yet personal commands, to their tiny devices, students are interacting with the world in fundamentally different ways.  SMS. Facebook.  Twitter.  Orkut.  YouTube.

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