How 1 Ministry is Taking Online Video Seriously

iphone video captureVideo is no longer optional to a ministry’s online presence!

I recently posted 6 Reasons Why You Should Think Through Your Video Presence on my own blog and received a comment that was even better than the post, since it clearly outlined how easy and powerful it is to set up an online video presence.

This is from a Destino movement in the US:

“We’ve really started to see the benefit of using video. We’ll take videos of our weekly meetings (maybe special speakers) and post them online. If we have a funny skit we’ll post that on facebook and tag all the people involved.

We also started to realize that our students and staff have great experience and are great ministry trainers. It would be good for us to video those training times and put them on the web for others to benefit from. If you go to YouTube right now, there’s not much Crusade training content. We’re trying to change that.

In Destino we’re breaking new ground learning how to raise support in the Hispanic community. It’s much easier to video our students sharing how they used different strategies than it is to try and write all of them up. That’s one of our new projects for the Christmas break to get more of these support raising ideas that have worked in the past up for others to benefit from (the letter strategy typically does not provide all the support a student needs for summer project).

Our video setup is pretty simple, but works out great:
*iPhone 4 (records HD video)
*$15 tripod from amazon
*”the glif” tripod mount for iphone 4 (
*iMovie for Mac to edit (or iPhone iMovie app)
*music from ($1.99 a track)

For under $100 and an iPhone 4 we’re now able to rapidly produce these videos. It generally takes about 1-2 hours per video to go from filming, editing, music selection, and upload. We’re just starting up but you can check them out here:

(also, we chose Vimeo over youtube because Youtube has a 10-minute time limit on videos. While most of ours are 2-3 minutes, there are times where we want to put up a longer talk that we think would benefit other Destino movements around the country. That’s just not possible on youtube).”

If you are using video consistently in your ministry please share what you are doing and how well it’s working!

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