CCC Blogference! RE-Think April 13th-15th

welcome to the ccc blogference! the purpose is to connect and inspire ministry leaders who may be geographically and/or relationally distant for a time of discussion!

some common questions:

  • can anyone participate? (even if they are not on staff with Campus Crusade):  YES!!!!!!!!
  • how do i participate? by reading posts, commenting, and sharing content with people online
  • what can I do right now? join the facebook group!

want a little more explanation? watch a short video on the blogference.

  • Russ Martin

    This is going to be exciting. My first blogference!

  • Zandy Keliduan

    Thank you..I’m sure it will be bless for most of peoples around the’s also one of we are need to develop leaders.

  • Anonymous

    Great idea. Waiting or particiapte. God bless all

  • Jijo Mathew

    Great idea. Waiting or particiapte. God bless all

  • Jijo Mathew

    How it is going to happen? Websites? Blogs? Videos? or live streaming? How can one participate?

    • Brian Barela

      hey jijo the main ways to participate are:

      commenting and discussing the various posts shared

      i’m working on live-streaming two or three conversations during the blogference.

      stay tuned to the website or facebook group page for more info.

      looking forward to hearing from you!

  • Cole

    Look like fun…I will be at the blogference! Great idea.

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