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The Blogference Starts Monday August 15th! Change the World From Your Coffee Shop!

The posts from this year’s The Blogference authors have begun to arrive, and I could not be more excited! If you have participated in any of the previous online conferences–THANK YOU!

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Permission to Innovate! Guest Post by Judy Douglass

LOOK FOR THE INTERSECT! Bill Bright was a man of many ideas—he threw them out rapid fire. Those of us who worked around him were the implementers of those ideas. So we learned to look for what he wanted to accomplish. We had freedom to think and ask,” Is there a better way to reach his objective?” If we had an innovative way to go forward, he was always open to it.

One of the best ways I’ve found to look for the better way for more effective ministry is to look for the intersect. Where does God’s Word/our mission intersect with the interests/needs of our target audience?

Video: What is the Blogference? What’s Going on This Year

The RE-Think Blogference exists to start ministry conversations and connect ministry starters.

RE-Think Podcast Coming Soon!

podcastThe main goal of the RE-Think Blogference is to facilitate discussion on ministry philosophy to sharpen your ministry skills and connect you to other like-minded missional leaders.

We are launching a podcast to expand the amount of content and connections we can bring to your door via the internet!

Blogger’s Lounge–For Women Only

Have a seat. Grab your favorite drink. Let’s chat. We want to hear about you and your blog. Why do you blog? Where do you blog (your blog address)? What motivates you to blog? What have you learned through blogging? What questions do you have about blogging? Let’s share what we’re doing and grow in something that we love. If you are like me, blogging is an outlet, a place to be creative, a place to collect family memories, and a place to reflect. Me, my thoughts, a blank screen can be so refreshing. You do not have be tech-savvy to join the lounge. We just want to get to know you!

Diapers, Red Lights & Popularity

Panic.  Attack. I was sitting at a red light when it happened.  Sitting in my SUV, my 2 boys in tow and it happened.  I had an anxiety attack.  Just sitting there.  Seemingly waiting for a green light to move, to go, and I was suddenly in a sweat, beating heart, mind spinning, stricken with fear. All sitting at a red light listening to the Wiggles. I recovered.  But soon found myself sitting and weeping before the Lord, then screaming and shouting.  Was God pleased at all with me?  Where had I gone wrong?  I was better than this.  How was I making any difference?

Enter the Mystery, Abandon Yourself to God

Jesus Christ was only a swear word to me for the first 19 years of my life. All that changed one Sunday morning at a little church on the outskirts of Eugene, Oregon. I was ambushed by the love of Jesus. The entire course of my life was altered in what seemed to be a moment. To say I knew nothing about the Christian life would be an astonishing understatement. Were it not for CCC staff women at the University of Oregon, I don’t think, humanly speaking, I would have made it. Having come from a very raucous background, I fear I would have returned to my wild ways.

Why Mom’s/Wives/Women in Ministry?


Because of their value in the kingdom. My wife has shared how often she gets encouraged when she reads another mom’s blog post, or a tweet that connects with how she is feeling.

I’m so excited that this year’s blogference has three women authors! I’m hoping their courage, insight, and faith will inspire you.

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