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The Blogference Starts Monday August 15th! Change the World From Your Coffee Shop!

The posts from this year’s The Blogference authors have begun to arrive, and I could not be more excited! If you have participated in any of the previous online conferences–THANK YOU!

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Discuss Evangelism With Rick James and Randy Newman

Rick James AuthorRick James has served on the field and as an author with Campus Crusade for Christ for many years. His most recent book A Million Ways to Die explores the power that comes from dying to ourselves and allowing Christ to work through us.

Permission to Innovate: Guest Post by Steve Douglass

As you know, innovation has been a hallmark for Campus Crusade from the very beginning. Bill Bright’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to begin on the college campus at UCLA. In the 1950s, few ministries or churches were focusing on students. It was a new and strategic idea.

Back in the 1960s there was no simple booklet that people could use as an “audio visual tool” to help them present the gospel personally. God used Bill Bright to distill what he was saying to students into what became the “Four Laws.” In the late 1970s there was no widely translated, very biblical, feature-length film on the life of Christ.

Innovation for the Sake of the Gospel

Is there a “right” way to share the gospel with someone?  Or is there a “best” way to share the gospel?

Certainly if you are on staff with Campus Crusade for Christ like I am, then you have personally witnessed the Four Spiritual Laws, or its newer cousin, the Knowing God Personally (KGP) booklet, bear much fruit.  Perhaps you are even willing to say yes to those two questions after thinking of the 4-Laws/KGP.

How Do We Mobilize Christ-Centered Laborers?

We must train students effectively to live missionally. We talk about evangelism quite a bit. Through Bible studies, discipleship groups, and talks at the weekly meeting, we aim to cultivate students’ hearts for the lost.

Video: What is the Blogference? What’s Going on This Year

The RE-Think Blogference exists to start ministry conversations and connect ministry starters.

Are You Listening? Thoughts on Evangelism

mickey mouse earsListen first, talk second.

Think about the people that you love to be around. Think about the people you respect, the people that you know care about you. What’s the common denominator? They listen.

Going for Big, Quick Results Does More Harm Than Good

Flaming FireToo often our evangelistic approach looks more like a firework display than a simmering fire.

Campus Crusade National’s Leadership have asked every campus team to come up with an Evangelism Plan for this year. As we talked through this at UC Davis it became clear that we needed to think critically about the evangelistic culture we are trying to build. We need to have tactics for the year that flow from our overall vision of reaching the campus. Through this important and lively discussion, a few disturbing trends about our approach to ministry emerged.

Are We Really Doing Evangelism the First Few Weeks?

A great conversation happened on Twitter regarding evangelism and the first few weeks of school. Here’s a sample of the conversation:

RE-Think Podcast Coming Soon!

podcastThe main goal of the RE-Think Blogference is to facilitate discussion on ministry philosophy to sharpen your ministry skills and connect you to other like-minded missional leaders.

We are launching a podcast to expand the amount of content and connections we can bring to your door via the internet!

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