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Are We Making Our Ideas Happen?

making ideas happenMaking ideas happen = Ideas + Organization + Communal forces + Leadership capability.

Go ahead read that again. Make sure it sticks. According to Scott Belsky’s book, Making Ideas Happen, this is the framework for seeing our ideas come alive. We talk a good game about being innovative and doing whatever it takes to make Christ known, but how are we doing within Campus Crusade (or any Christian ministry) with these components of making our ideas happen?

Jamie Munson Interview: Why I Wrote “Money”

Money, God or Gift by Jamie Munson“Most Christians in the U.S. just don’t get it: 20 percent give literally nothing, and the vast majority give very little.”–Jamie Munson

The RE-Think Blogference is starting “Books,” a new category to help start ministry conversations and connect ministry starters. Jamie Munson, the Executive Pastor at Mars Hill Church, graciously agreed to answer some questions about his new book “Money,” as well as some encouragement for leading students in stewarding money well.

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