3 Reasons Why Your Comments Are Vital to the CCC Blogference

The Blogference starts in less than a week! This is the most diverse group of authors so far and I’m hoping that those commenting will be from many different backgrounds, ministries, and stages of life.

Your comments are so vital to the success of the blogference because:

They add experience and insight to the post significantly increasing it’s value

Provoke and stimulate new ideas

Represent the thoughts, ideas, and strategies that others share.

But most of all leaving comments validates the purpose of the blogference–to facilitate dialogue amongst ministry leaders. I hope you see the authors NOT as talking heads but as co-laborers, mentors, and peers.

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  • http://thinkvlm.cru.sg Kheng Boon

    I’ll be in Korea then, but will try to participate as much as I can. Will also let the Singapore staff and crusaders before I leave for Korea today.

    Excited about the blogference and hope to see more collaboration of ideas.

    • http://www.brianbarela.com Brian Barela

      hey kheng that’s so exciting to hear!

      feel free to check in whenever you have time. also if you subscribe to the RSS feed you can keep up to date.

      we’re working right now on creating a feed for each category so you can subscribe to just the content you want. will post an update when that’s live!

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  • http://www.scottandjessi.com Scott D

    Is there any kind of a schedule for this time. i know that I will not be able to participate each hour or day, but would like to prioritize time to participate. If not, no worries. Also, My DSL at home is slower than most, will that be an issue to worry about or one to ‘deal with.?’

    Thanks…I’m new at blogging for ministry, so this will be helpful.

    • http://www.brianbarela.com Brian Barela

      hey scott in the past two blogferences people have jumped in whenever they have time. i’ve seen from the comment sections people literally commenting at all hours of the day and night.

      there should be quite a bit of global participation, which definitely spreads the timing of commenting out as well.

      what has been awesome about the past blogferences is that you can jump in and out based on your schedule and not miss anything.

      looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

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